Will the fields be used primarily for games or practices?

Edison Fields is intended to be utilized primarily as a practice facility, which will help minimize disruption to the neighborhood, as well as allow Town leagues to substantially reduce the number of hours spent leasing practice fields outside of Westfield. Unlike nearly every Town-owned municipal park, Edison is not a Green Acres facility, which allows the fields to be reserved exclusively for Westfield teams and residents.

Intended users include:

  • Westfield Schools: Band and sports, predominantly for practices
  • Town of Westfield: Practices/games for Westfield youth sports teams, opposing teams and any expressly permitted users (as is case with existing Town and School fields)
  • EIS: Gym classes and other uses as needed
  • Smart use / good neighbor policies intended to include:
    • No usage during Kehler events known to draw larger crowds (varsity football, track invitationals, graduation, etc)
    • Limited or no usage during certain EIS evening events
    • Lights on no later than 9:45PM, as is the case with existing Town recreational lighting
    • Seating limited to small / portable bleachers and/or “bring your own” (similar to Houlihan/Sid Fay)
    • Designated drop-off / pick-up areas
    • Concurrent use policy, to include Kehler Field activity, to assure parking capacity is effectively managed
    • Implement street parking restrictions, as requested, with new signage effectively managed
    • Usage limited to Westfield schools, residents, and opposing teams, unless expressly permitted
    • Traffic officers / crossing guards will be provided during spring and fall seasons for the first two years of operation during peak periods to oversee traffic flow, pedestrian crossing, and to provide ongoing professional input on policy adaptation and development 

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