What specifically will be voted on in the referendum?

In simple terms, a YES vote will move the Edison Fields project forward, and a NO vote will stop the project. Residents will vote on whether or not to approve the $11.8M bond ordinance that will fund this project, which was approved by the Town Council on May 23, 2023.

The precise legal wording is governed by New Jersey State statute, N.J.S.A. 40:49-10, which provides the form of the proposition question as it must appear on the ballot: 

To vote upon the public question printed below if in favor thereof mark a cross (X) or plus (+) in the square at the left of the word YES, and if opposed thereto mark a cross (X) or plus (+) in the square at the left of the word NO.

Shall an ordinance of the governing body of the Town of Westfield Entitled “A Bond Ordinance to Authorize the Undertaking of the Edison School Multipurpose Fields Project In, By and For the Town of Westfield, in the County of Union, State of New Jersey To Appropriate the Sum of $11,800,000 to Pay the Cost Thereof, To Make a Downpayment, to Authorize the Issuance of Bonds to Finance Such Appropriation and to Provide for the Issuance Of Bond Anticipation Notes in Anticipation of the Issuance of Such Bonds,” be ratified.

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1. What specifically will be voted on in the referendum?
2. Why has the cost of the project increased from $9M to $11.8M?
3. How will the project be financed? Will taxpayers have to pay for the $11.8M bond?
4. What is the timeline for the project if the referendum passes?
5. What if the referendum doesn’t pass?
6. Can the Town proceed instead with the Tamaques plans or other natural grass fields?
7. Will the fields be used primarily for games or practices?
8. How will artificial turf improve stormwater management at the site?
9. Why can’t the Town pursue natural grass like the WSA did at Elm Street?
10. How many hours of in-town play will be gained by installing lighte turf?
11. Will the Town pursue newer, more sustainable turf products to mitigate environmental concerns?