What should a resident do if they see a fox or coyote?

Just seeing a fox, or even possibly a coyote, is not by itself cause for concern. Over the past few years these animal populations have grown and can be found throughout New Jersey. It is important to remember that both fox and coyote have adapted to live quite well in the suburbs and even alongside humans. It is also important to remember that these animals are normally not aggressive. 

There are things that residents can do to make their property less appealing to these animals.

  • Do not feed wild animals
  • Ensure all trash is placed in a receptacle with a tight fitting lid
  • Do not leave food for pets outdoors
  • Ensure all bird feeders are maintained and tidy (you may even consider using a block suet)
  • Ensure your yard is clean with trimmed hedges and cut grass
  • Install a motion sensor light in your yard

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