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August 4, 2021 11:25 AM

Road Paving Updates: August 4

Updates on the latest road paving work

Good news -- our paving contractor is moving quickly and the weather has been cooperating! Thanks for your patience with the road closures and detours necessary to complete this work, which we anticipate resulting in 18 miles of newly paved roads in 2021.

Please see the list below for the next round of work.

Milling anticipated to begin as early as today:
▪ Boynton Avenue (E. Grove to end)
▪ Elizabeth Avenue (Central to Boynton)
▪ Pine/Boynton (Ripley to cul-de-sac)

Milling anticipated to begin as early as Thursday:
▪ Hardwick Avenue (entire length)
▪ Cedar Street (entire length)
▪ Cambridge Road (entire length)
▪ Avon Road (entire length)
▪ Eton Place (entire length)
▪ Welch Way (entire length)
▪ Grandview Avenue (Roger to Twin Oaks)

Milling anticipated to begin as early as Monday:
▪ Tice Place (Clifton to Montauk)
▪ Radley Road (entire length)
▪ Pine Court (entire length)
▪ Radley Court (entire length)
▪ Kirkview Court (entire length)
▪ Lambert Court (entire length)
▪ Bayberry Lane (entire length)
▪ Rahway Avenue (Summit Court to Town line)

Milling will be followed by paving. As always, all work is weather permitting.

For a full list of anticipated road improvements through 2024, visit

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