Mobile – Special Operations Center

Following the incredible devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which included a long-term, widespread power loss to almost 85% of the Town of Westfield, the Westfield Police Department recognized the crucial need to build redundancy into its back-up emergency communications and power supply capabilities.  As a result, the Westfield Police Department’s Mobile – Special Operations Center (M – SOC) was acquired in 2013 following some very extensive research.  

Manufactured by Power Innovations of American Fork, UT on a 30’ Wells Cargo trailer platform, the M – SOC is capable of operating as a remote Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and Public Safety Dispatch Point (PSDP) for all of the Town of Westfield’s emergency services.  This includes the Westfield Police Department, Westfield Fire Department, Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad and Westfield Department of Public Works.   

The M – SOC is equipped with four (4) computer work stations, each equipped with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) capabilities, complete with its own administrative telephone lines.  It is also equipped with UHF, VHF and 700/800 megahertz digital trunked radios, thus giving radio interoperability with other local, county and state public safety agencies.

The M – SOC is also uniquely equipped with mobile computers that replicate the 9-1-1 and administrative telephone system presently in use in the primary 9-1-1 Police-Fire-EMS Dispatch Center located in the Westfield Police Department, thus allowing 9-1-1 calls to be answered remotely at an alternate location in the event a complete power failure or other emergency renders the primary dispatch center inaccessible and/or inoperable.   

Additionally, the M – SOC can serve as a climate-controlled Command Post at the scene of any disaster or major emergency scene, or at any special event or large gathering of persons requiring a police presence.  It is equipped with surveillance cameras and a military-grade, high resolution camera mounted at the top of a 50’ pneumatic mast, thus giving it aerial surveillance capabilities up to 1.5 miles within a clear field of view, complete with infrared (IR) functionality.  All of the surveillance cameras are routed through DVRs, thus giving them recording capabilities as well.

In addition to shore power, the M – SOC can operate on a number of other alternative power sources, including battery, thus rendering it completely "wireless." 

The M – SOC also has the following additional features:

  • A fully-stocked EMS cabinet that includes automated external defibrillators (AEDs), oxygen and other essential equipment and supplies needed for the effective management of a mass casualty incident (MCI);
  • A tool cabinet equipped with a wide array of hand tools to accomplish any automated equipment functions in the event of an equipment failure;
  • A conference room for command staff to gather to discuss and formulate tactical strategy and to make unified command decisions;
  • Telescopic high-intensity LED lights for emergency scene illumination;
  • High-profile LED emergency lights for easy recognition at large-scale events;
  • A galley with a refrigerator and microwave for extended scene operations;
  • Multiple internal and external power sources and secure Wi-Fi capability.

The M – SOC is securely housed indoors at the Westfield Police Department’s annex and is always at the ready.

The M – SOC Unit is an operational component of the Records & Information (IT) Technology Bureau, but is supported by select patrol personnel.  The M – SOC can be deployed by unit personnel and rendered fully operational within thirty (30) minutes.  

Once fully operational, the M SOC will function at the direction of the Incident Commander and/or Watch Commander.  Emergency operations will be supported by IT staff.