Sheds, Patios, Fences, and Fire Pits

Zoning requirements are unique to each town. This should be the first place to inquire about your proposal, since all of these must satisfy certain requirements. The requirements can be viewed on the Town of Westfield Land Use Regulations Ordinances.  Obtaining zoning approval is necessary before a construction permit (if applicable) can be issued, this is true for sheds, patios, fences and fire pits or any other improvements to the property.

If there are any proposed changes to the property grading then the Engineering department must be consulted as well prior to construction permitting.


A construction permit is not required for sheds that are 200 square feet or less in area*, 10 feet or less in height, and do not contain utilities, for most residential properties.

*The Land Use Regulations permits a maximum shed of 150 square feet, unless variance relief has been obtained)


A construction permit is required for raised patios adjacent to the foundation walls of a dwelling or greater than 30 inches in height from the ground at any point. 


Construction permits are only required for fences that exceed 6 feet in height. Fences that are barriers for pools require a construction permit.

Fire Pits

Construction permits are not required for fire pits unless they are supplied by a plumbed fuel line i.e. natural gas or propane; or require electricity.

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