Snow Removal

Plowing snow typically begins when more than three inches of snow have fallen, except in instances when it is expected to be quickly washed away or melt due to imminent changes in weather. Westfield has 380 municipal roadways which total approximately 100 miles in length and 200 miles of travel lanes to plow -- 400 miles in total when shoulders and parking lots are added. This is for just one plowing pass; oftentimes, the DPW makes multiple passes during significant snowfall.

Municipal roadways are generally tended to in the following order: 

  • arterial roads
  • school areas
  • collector roads
  • inclines and known trouble areas
  • the downtown area
  • secondary roads
  • tertiary roads, dead ends, and cul de sacs

The amount of time it takes for a plow to arrive on a particular road is dependent upon many factors, including the volume and composition of snow, as well as when it begins and its duration. 

Although no street will be forgotten, it is understandable that residents need reassurance that the plows are working their way to their location.

If your street is not plowed after the first Town-wide pass is complete, please use the Westfield Connect app to provide your address so that the Department of Public Works is aware of your location.

For winter weather updates that include plowing alerts, public safety information, and implementation of no on-street parking rules, be sure to check our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. In addition, sign up for the Town’s Nixle alerts by texting “07090” to 888777.

Parking Reminders

Public ordinance 2070 prohibits parking on any street in Westfield when three or more inches of snow have fallen until snowfall stops and the entire width of the road has been plowed (with the exception of the alternate side parking locations below). Under these circumstances, the shoveling or blowing of snow into a plowed street is also banned.

Should three inches of snow fall, the following locations are subject to alternate side of the street parking and vehicles need to park on the side of the street with even house numbers (except for Ross Place):

  • 400 & 500 block of Downer Street
  • 400 block of First Street
  • Livingston Street
  • Cacciola Place
  • Cowperthwaite Place between Elm and Clark Streets
  • 300 & 400 block of Lenox Avenue
  • 200 block of St. Paul Street
  • Entire length of Ross Place (park on the side with odd numbers only)