Media Advisory Council


The Westfield Media Council leverages the talent of filmmakers, producers, writers, and content creators that live in our community, putting their skills to work on behalf of the Town through the creation of PSAs and promotional videos showcasing our parks, merchants, non-profits, events, and more.


  • Meets as needed


  • Dave Marcus - Co-Chair
  • Christina Vircillo - Co-Chair
  • Kathy Anton
  • Jonathan Applebaum
  • Beth Bernstein
  • Charlie Bowman
  • Alan Bresson
  • Tom Butera
  • Jim D'Onofrio
  • Elisa Fazio
  • Sean Garnhart
  • Corinne Grant
  • Jon Keller
  • Matt Koval
  • Amy Kover
  • Matt Maranz
  • Michael McDarby
  • Therese O'Brian
  • Tom Ruprecht
  • Mitch Slater
  • Drew Thompson
  • Kenneth Waddell

Additional Member Information

  • 1-year term
  • Appointed by Mayor