CAKE Resources


Here we will share articles that reveal what Compassion, Acceptance, Kindness, and Empathy (CAKE) looks like across the world, next door, and at our table. We will be posting articles about compassion, acceptance, kindness, and empathy from information research professionals in the field have produced so that we all can "see'' what our ingredients for a Stigma-Free community can look like. Our hope is to give all of us ideas and possible instruction on how to apply CAKE to our own everyday lives and to recognize that CAKE is already amongst us.


Technology makes it possible to reach each other with these new definitions but it can also leave some feeling left out unable to keep pace with the changes in development. We hope to provide an array of ways to access information from all media sources. Daily, we see stories that are shared with new acts of kindness, compassion, acceptance, and empathy. We want to share articles that give relief to those folks who are fearful that change has taken away the old kindnesses. We want to learn with greater empathy, the ability to "see" ourselves in others and thereby gain more acceptance and compassion, and the ability to be kind to those around us.

What Will Help to Inform Our Selection of Articles That Describe CAKE Behavior

"I will know it when I see it"

During the last year, we have witnessed a great expansion of the empathy shared by all citizens as the losses of our freedoms and privileges as citizens have been impacted by the COVID-19. In our shared suffering, we have come to understand the great historical losses of other citizens and how they have responded to that suffering. Along with the suffering has come a real desire to better understand and accept not only our differences but shared human experience.

Informative Information

We hope that the content that you will find here will be familiar and new. You will see articles that illuminate some of the most fundamental behaviors that we learned as a part of our childhood experience, professional development, interplay with friends and business associates, and discover that these are the ingredients that comprise CAKE

Our content will include the beginning of dialogues about how we treat each other and what is the behavior that we would most like to see going on around us. We will show how what would have been seen once as ordinary work and actions are now lauded as exceptional even heroic in our constrained environment. This web page will gather written examples of these new behaviors and actions which may not appear on the surface to look like the things that we were taught: Maybe they were taught but we were not prepared to see the value at the time the lesson was taught. Explore with us the perspectives from all levels.


We wish this to be an interactive page; we hope to invite those seeking assistance to find others who can demonstrate or choose to practice those acts of compassion, acceptance kindness, and empathy and help give assistance.

We value any kindness that you might show by committing to share any opportunities for better serving you in the comments section of the page.