Liquor License

The Division of Alcohol Beverage Control Licenses (ABC) regulates the sale of alcoholic beverages and the conduct of licensees through the issuance of licenses.

State Licensing

All-State license applications and renewals, including breweries, wineries, and wholesale distribution, are processed and issued by the Licensing Bureau.

Permits Office

The Permit Office is responsible for processing and reviewing all permits. The Office is split into two sections; one for retail permits and the other for state permits. The two sections or units are part of their specific area within the Licensing Bureau.

Retail Licenses

All Retail license applications and renewals are processed and issued by the Licensing Bureau.

Revenue Office

The primary responsibility of the Revenue Office is to intake. They process the liquor licenses that have been sent to the Division with payment so the Retail and State sections can process the applications for renewal. They also deal with cash intake for the process of issuing permits and payments for violations towards an establishment.


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